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Specializing in the repair and restoration of pre-1980 American cars for over 25 years.  From tune-ups to complete restoration, no job is too big or small.

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  1. Hi, I’ve got a ’68 Rambler American that needs work. Right rear axel bearings and front right wheel bearings to start. I will also need break system work, carburetor rebuild, U-joints, etc. etc.
    I love this car and would like to keep it on the road. It’s been my everyday car for the past 25 years. I’m trying to figure out a way to keep it running, but am torn between keeping it or selling it.
    I’ve done some work on it myself, and have had work done in the past with Jean of Auto Aces in Berkeley (now defunct).
    So many questions. Parts availability? Labor costs? Viability of such a pursuit on my limited income? Etc.
    Any advice would be most welcome.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Sorry that I did not see your comment earlier. Please call the shop and speak with Walt directly. 415-892-7671.
      Thank you

  2. Kent Johnson referred me to you (Walt). He is my next door neighbor. I am looking at buying a 1968 GTO convertible that is in pretty solid shape. I want to have it inspected prior to buying it so I was hoping to have you guys inspect it and then help me get it to pristine condition. How much would it cost for the inspection and is that something I could have you do?

  3. I think I just met your wife and mom up here in Napa (neighbors?). I was walking by this marvelous custom rebuilt cream/green truck/van and just had to stop and admire it. I stepped back in awe.
    Too bad I didn’t bring a hanky to wipe away the drooling I was doing over the body work.

    I am considering a vintage car to replace my 16 yr old Subaru when it is put out to pasture. I am getting good use from her still.
    However, must be pre-1990.
    I do NOT want a car with a computer!
    It was serendipitous that I walked by just as this lovely gal was helping mom unload the Vintage Vehicle she was driving that hubby rebuilt.
    If you are this man or know of him or do as good work as he does then-
    I’ll keep you in mind- I don’t have a business card. I shall bookmark this site.

  4. Could you give me a guesstimate on the cost of rebuilding a 270 inline 6 for our 59 GMC pickup, including removing the old one and installing the rebuilt one? I realize it wouldn’t be a firm price, but I’d like to have some idea what I’d be getting into.


  5. Hello,
    We are looking for a vintage car to rent for a day, this Tuesday March 28th. Do any of your customers rent a car for a day or do you?
    Hilary 510-708-3147

  6. My 1961 Buick Invicta convertible needs some work, including
    -Tune Up
    -Brake Conversion to Disc Brakes
    -New ball joints
    -Repair of nicks and dents
    -Convertable top replacement
    -New front seat cover
    -New carpet for interior and trunk.
    -New oversized radiator.
    -New muffler.
    -New horn

    Is this a project you are interested in?

  7. Hi,
    I have a 1967 Mustang Convertible. Your shop looks great!! I wanted to know, do you guys “paint” classic cars as well?? If not, any referrals in the Marin Co. area??
    Thank you in advance!

    Rich Z.

  8. Hello,

    I have a 1963 American Rambler that I want to completely upgrade and restore. Do you have the time/experience/manpower to perform this project?
    I want to start with:

    1. Replacing the engine, requires some fabrication- Replace with an AMC 242 straight L6 or Chevy 250 L6
    2 Replace the transmission- R700 or similar that will work with above engine’s
    3. Replace the front end suspension- FatMan stage III hub to hub kit
    4. Replace rear end – rear axle Ford 8-inch narrowed to fit the Rambler’s track width.
    5 Upgrade: power steering, suspension, and brakes (disk brakes)
    6. Redo all the interior
    7 Custom paint job


  10. Walt I missed your call on Monday as I am in the UK. I am back on June 11th and will need to have the 54 Chevy truck towed to you as the brakes have completely failed. If you want access to the truck before the 11th I can arrange for my Son to help you access the truck

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